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Every year our laboratories produce over 400 new formulations.

For over 7 years GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES has been conducting research and development in two main areas:

  • Perfumery
  • Cosmetics

Work in these areas is carried out by a dedicated, experienced team whose highly qualified members include Engineers and Doctors of Chemistry, and holders of Masters degrees in Biochemistry and degrees in Cosmetics. 

Ahead of the trend and in tune with innovation, (The R&D team monitor publications and competitors, meet with suppliers and attend trade fairs. They are a dynamically creative source of ideas and advice on active ingredients and new excipients).

The group has been investing in research programmes for several years, supported by specialist regional bodies including ENSIACET,* the Pharmacy Faculty in Toulouse, INRA* and the CRITTs.*

The group’s R&D department is also highly skilled in developing both organic and conventional perfumery products and cosmetics. In 2011 the company’s design and manufacture of ecological and organic products earned it licences reflecting its respect for ECOCERT and QUALITE France standards.

In 2014 one of these programmes “Recherche des spécificités olfactives et des molécules d’intérêt biologique en dermo‐cosmétique sur une espèce végétale” was selected to receive a research grant from the regional authorities in Languedoc Roussillon Midi‐Pyrénées, awarded to all the partners in the project.

*ENSIACET: Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs en Arts Chimiques et Technologiques / INRA: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique / CRITT: Centre Régional d’Innovation et de Transfert de Technologie

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Our laboratory develops exclusive formulas for both the group’s own brands and licences and for third parties (cosmetics and pharmaceutical laboratories). Our teams create high quality tailor-made products to specifications provided by our marketing department or clients.  

The development of a new product (at least 6 months) goes through a number of stages:

  • Submission of samples for sensory evaluation
  • Physicochemical stability tests (accelerated aging tests)
  • Packaging compatibility tests
  • Microbiological stability tests (challenge tests) at clinical laboratories:
    • product safety tests (including dermatological, hypoallergenic and phototoxic safety)
    • Effectiveness tests
    • Durability evaluation
    • Constitution of the Product Information Dossier.

With over 35 years of experience developing fragrances and cosmetics, the laboratory now has a high degree of expertise in creating formulations both conventional and organic (conforming to ECOCERT standards):

‐ Hygiene and care of face
- Body and hair‐exfoliants
‐ Slimming products
‐ Hair products (bleaching and hair removal)
‐ Sun protection
‐ Skin lightening
‐ Baby products
‐ Eaux de Cologne, eaux de toilette for adults and children, eaux de parfum, alcohol-free eaux de senteur for babies


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