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Our mission is to offer high quality fragrances and cosmetic products to our clients. We are uncompromising in our choice of ingredients and in our respect for the art of perfumery and the techniques of cosmetology.

Our subtle combination of unique skills and perfumery expertise enables us to imagine, formulate and develop exceptional products. From design to  manufacture to marketing, the whole cycle is under our control.

This is true of our entire portfolio of brands whatever their focus, from selective distribution networks to high-volume retailing, in the adult, youth and children’s markets, in France and abroad.

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For over 100 years the GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES has been developing its unique skills and expertise in the design and manufacture of fragrances and cosmetic products.
Alongside our own brands we also develop brands under licence and act as subcontractor to many laboratories in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sector.
These complementary brands are managed within the group in different distribution networks :
  • SPBH covers mass market brands.
  • GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES covers our brand products in selective distribution.
The company has made a strategic choice to control the entire cycle of operations, from purchasing to marketing, always focusing on excellence.
Our integrated production allows the group to maintain quality standards, ensure product traceability, reduce risk and optimise our industrial performance.
We have dedicated, integrated R&D teams. Our internal production and packaging processes are based in Cugnaux, near Toulouse, France.


  • 7 brands, including 4 own brands and 3 under licence
  • Presence in 42 countries
  • 80 employees

Annual production capacity:

  • 500 tonnes of cosmetics
  • 400,000 litres of fragrance
  • 7,500,000 units of finished products


The company benefits from experience, dynamism and rigorous standards, enabling it to strongly develop its international presence.

GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES brands are now present in over 40 countries and distributed in a total of over 10,000 outlets worldwide.

By maintaining close relationships with our global partners and distributors, we are able to sell products adapted to local markets. We offer innovations that are always appropriate to the purchasing habits of international consumers.

In the last 7 years our international operation has expanded by over 50% and now represents 1/3 of sales.

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Historical photo of BERDOUES family outside their shop in Toulouse

Fragrance company Berdoues opens in Toulouse’s city centre.

Its founders are Pierre Berdoues and his brother Guillaume.

They start out as wholesalers trading in fragrances from major brands and professional hairdressing equipment.

The reputation of Parfumerie Berdoues, Rue Lafayette, Toulouse, begins to grow.

The 1930s see the arrival of the second generation when Guillaume’s son Henri Berdoues joins the company, along with his two brothers.

Henri is a trained chemical engineer and enables the company to develop its own fragrances.

In 1936 Henri Berdoues produces the first bottles of the legendary “Violette de Toulouse”, a fragrance that never goes out of style and remains popular to this day.

Historical photo of Henri BERDOUES, in front of his perfume organ

Historical photo of perfumery BERDOUES

Berdoues products are on sale across France and the group begins its international expansion.

The iconic “Violette de Toulouse” bottle causes a stir in other countries and is widely featured in the main women’s magazines of the period.   

70 years later, the period style of this exquisitely detailed bottle continues to seduce all those in search of truly authentic fragrances.

The 1960s mark the arrival of Pierre Berdoues at the head of the company.

In 1968 he begins to industrialise production.

Berdoues opens a large, modern, automated production unit with its own highly productive research laboratory.

Historical photo of the perfumery BERDOUES' production chain

Vintage lotoype of the brand Bondepil

The three post-war decades saw the emergence of the consumer society and supermarket chains.  

Always looking to innovate and adapt to the lifestyles of its consumers, the Berdoues Group launches the Blondépil brand of depilatory products, which quickly becomes the group’s bestselling brand, and remains so today.   

In 1990, trained pharmacist, Sophie BERDOUES, brings her particular expertise and inspiration to the family business.    

In 2011 she becomes President of GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES and takes over responsibility for the company.

 Portrait of Sophie BERDOUES - COUDOUY, the current CEO

Promotion visual 2017 : Collection Grands Crus BERDOUES


Today this SME has 3 fragrance licences and  own brands.

The group’s various brands are distributed in supermarkets and selective distribution networks, such as perfumeries, department stores, pharmacies, health and beauty outlets and salons. Their dynamism is undisputed and they maintain their leading position both in France and abroad.