Promotionnal visual ELLE perfume 2016

The parisian’s lifestyle perfume.

ELLE, the brand of fashion and trends, is above all a lifestyle!

With its magazine, prêt-à-porter range, accessories and make-up well established, ELLE is now the inspiration for a collection of creative, on-trend fragrances with that special sparkle.

Where kids get their charm – So Frenchy!

Promotion visual 2017 IKKS Burning for You COLOGNE

Something like IKKS.

Licence launched in 2004 by GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES, IKKS is now the only brand offering fragrances for babies, children, teens, men and women.

Its core line “IKKS Young Man” has brought the brand success and recognition. It is now a leader in children’s fragrances.

Since its launch, the brand has continued to develop new fragrances for children, teens and adults.

In 2017, the collection of IKKS perfumes for babies, kids and teens adopts a new design !
Promotion visual 2017 Collection Grands Crus BERDOUES

Perfumer since 1902.

It all began in 1902 when the company’s founder, Guillaume Berdoues, created an amber-coloured Eau de Cologne for men. The success of this product led the ‘new nose’ to found his perfumery business.

The priceless skills and knowledge handed down over four generations of parfumers have maintained the success of the brand from one period to the next.

Berdoues always keeps abreast of new trends and today offers a wide range of fragrances, perfume and cologne.

Promotion visual 2015 MOLYNEUX perfume

Edward Molyneux, créateur de haute couture et parfums.

The brand’s origins date back to the legendary success of its founder Edward Molyneux.

An artist with the Midas touch, Molyneux was a fashion designer prominent in the world of 1930s Haute‐Couture.

With typical bold simplicity, in 1927 he began creating fragrances that were to become brand icons and great classics.

In 1978 the brand breathed fresh air into the market with its Quartz line, affirming its stylistic elegance.

Since then, Molyneux creations have worked their magic across the globe .


Promotion visual Blondépil 2016

30 years of expertise in hair removal and bleaching

Since it was founded in 1975, the epilator brand Blondépil has focused on combining effectiveness, expertise and beauty to turn hair removal into a pleasure.

Over 30 years later, the results are plain to see. Blondépil’s supermarket presence reflects its status as acknowledged leader in the hair removal and bleaching segment.

Its most recent innovation, the new range 100% girls - 100% connected!  A range of three products formulated to meet the specific needs of teens and help them in their first beauty routine!

Promotion visual 2017 Les Petits Plaisirs

100% CARE – 100% PLEASURE.

Les Petits Plaisirs offer the perfect excuse for a delicious beauty break perfumed by floral, fruity, sweet and spicy fragrances.

The brand enjoys wide public recognition and is now a key line in the supermarket perfumery section.
The deliciously fragrant world of Les Petits Plaisirs has taken over the bathroom.

The secret of this success?
Eaux de toilette and shower gels created in France, offering 100% care and 100% pleasure. Surrender to the six new fragrances of 2016: Nougat, Candy Cola, Raspberry Grenada, Poppy, Clementine & Lemon, Cotton Flower.

Promotion visual Stade Toulousain perfume 2016

Founded in 1907, the rugby club Stade Toulousain became a world reference, thanks to its records and to a unique business model and culture: more than 11 200 club subscribers, 250 partner companies and a huge fans community, in Toulouse and all over the world.

Stade Toulousain is more than a rugby team. It is a brand that combines excellence, ambition and quality.

The values apply as well to the group BERDOUES, expert in perfumes & cosmetics.

This partnership gave birth to the new official olfactory signature of the club.